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Our global network of trusted freight forwarding partners ensures delivery of your air freight shipments. To any place in the world.


EMEX EXPRESS is cooperating with Cargo Handling companies who offer first-class services

for every type of air cargo and every customer requirement from a single source.

As a cargo Agent at Frankfurt Airport, we work with companies who handels every type of cargo.

Logistics is the pulse of the global economy. Those who choose air freight want to cover greater distances in the shortest possible time and not be held up on the ground. The link between air and road must not become a bottleneck where valuable time is lost. Fast in, fast out" is the requirement for ground handling: fast turnaround times with the highest possible quality and security.

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Cargo Handling

Your logistical is a top priority for EMEX EXPRESS. If the flight schedule is not fast enough, your goods are unsuitable to be carried on a passenger aircraft or a flight route is required that is rarely flown to, EMEX EXPRESShas the most flexible solution with its Air Charter product. This is because emergency and priority transports can always be carried out on schedule with the help of an Air Cargo Charter. Our Creative Solutions Operators analyze within the shortest possible time the available aircraft optimally suited to your shipment. Among others, we have aircraft of the manufacturers Cessna and Boeing at our disposal. In addition, Antonov Cargo is also realized. Thanks to our international network and years of experience, you will benefit from our extremely short handling times and highly professional service. Helicopter charter is also possible for your shipments in Germany and neighboring countries without any problems.


Our comprehensive warehousing services save you time and money. Through smooth warehouse operations and continuous process optimization, we not only improve your material flows, but also reduce throughput times and costs.

From careful storage of your products to IT-supported order processing and order picking to punctual provision for dispatch - we take care of all stationary logistics services for you and control your material flows. In addition, we develop individual, needs-based warehouse concepts.

​We offer:

  • Over 250,000 m² of warehouse and logistics space nationwide

  • State-of-the-art warehouse management systems

  • Customer connection via standard interfaces

  • Space for value-added services

  • Sustainability through photovoltaics


Customs Support by EMEX EXPRESS is your  full-service customs partner for complex customs matters with more than 20 years of experience in Europe. We support you at every step of the customs process and ensure an effortless efficient logistical flow of your international business.


  • Fast and smooth customs clearance

  • EU-wide customs service

  • Online and real-time control of customs processes via digital dashboards


Transporting international goods within and outside the EU is becoming increasingly challenging with the rise of territorial restrictions. Companies need to comply with customs formalities and current customs regulations in order to transport their goods quickly and safely across international borders. Thanks to our customs expertise and EU-wide network of trusted partners, our clients benefit from fast, compliant and cost-effective customs clearance.

Customs clearance is the compilation and submission of the necessary customs documents to facilitate the import, export and transit of goods to and from countries.

Although the importance of customs clearance seems self-explanatory and simple, the process itself involves several steps and can be overwhelming at first glance.

Customs Support is your trusted customs agent to assist with import and export documentation, transit customs clearance, or the calculation and payment of country-specific value-added or sales taxes. 

Our goal is to ensure efficient, smooth and transparent customs clearance by using Supplementary Declaration Import (SDI) and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to ensure fast and reliable exchange of paperless data.

Customs Clearance

Air freight shipping Pickup & Delivery, or Cartage is often the best option for just-in-time deliveries, perishables, emergency situations, and many other circumstances where time is an issue. That’s why you need an air freight company you can trust to transport goods to and from the airport safely, secure, and quickly.

National and international freight forwarders, manufacturers, and other goods providers rely on Bridgetown Trucking to:

  • Retrieve goods at the airport from the air cargo provider and deliver them to a customer site or other facility

  • Deliver manufactured goods to the airport for export or domestic transport

We offer the highest level of security for our clients’ products and goods. To ensure that our clients’ air cargo is kept in a safe and secure environment, each of our facilities is equipped with:

  • 24/7 state-of-the-art video monitoring with 30+ day retention

  • Cell connected security systems

  • Patrolled yards

All of our employees are certified. Plus, our drivers are some of the most trusted in the industry. Our employees’ satisfaction and well-being is a central pillar of our business model. Our long-standing reputation of taking security seriously and treating our employees well allows us to hire only the best drivers, so you know your cargo is in good hands every step of the way.

Trucking Services

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