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Companies that provide import and export services face the everyday legal provocations of dealing with the laws and rules that govern this industry. Since each country throughout the world has their own unique laws that regulate outsourcing import and export services, the legality surrounding the way a private company deals with these laws can be confusing and overwhelming. Not being familiar with the laws of a country that you would like to conduct business with, often results in imports and exports being held in customs for an indefinite amount of time. Export import logistics management offers the benefits of having an import export service provider handle these challenging aspects of your business.

International Import Companies & Custom Brokerage Services

The importation of products from other countries involves the ability to understand and follow many types of domestic and international laws that govern the way products are imported into the United States. Companies that take solely on this challenge often require a full-time staff and outside legal expertise to navigate the specifications that surround export import logistics management. To avoid the costs and hassle associated with dealing with import legalities, companies often hire an import export service provider like Sun Fast International. We are an expert outsourcing import export service company that can quickly and effectively solve your international import concerns.

Import Export Business Essentials

Due to technology’s current ever-expanding growth rate, global trade is easier and more efficient than ever. However, before any sort of importing or exporting can take place a business needs to follow certain procedures that allow for the proper development of the business and its potential trading partners. Some of the fundamentals of export import logistics management include the following:

  • Understanding the Global Market – Having a background in business, international relations, or global finance provides a basic understanding of the countless hoops and quandaries that a business must navigate prior to selling or buying a product from an overseas supplier.

  • Create a List of Products That You Would Like to Import or Export – Once you have a product or several products in mind, it is important to identify the correct market in which to sell it. Once this is established, a supply chain needs to be created.

  • Supply Sourcing – Import and export services rely on trusted suppliers to provide the necessary goods to create your product. Having extremely good relationships with your suppliers is vital to the overall success of your business.

  • Product Pricing – Establishing the appropriate price for an exported item can be an art. If your price is too high the product may not sell and if it is too low, you may end up not making any money. That’s why pricing should generally be leveraged at 10% to 15% the overall cost of purchase.

  • Locating Customers – One of the most difficult aspects that import export companies regularly deal with is locating a consistent buyer source for their products. A quality website and good digital marketing tactics may attract buyers to your site but establishing relationships via cold calling may be a necessary process as well.

  • Establishing Logistics – The most complex aspect of the importing and exporting process involves the logistics and strategy of providing a consistent product to the consumer, without hassle or delay. This part of the process involves many people and businesses and can often become a daunting and overwhelming task to a sole person or company at large.

Becoming a legitimate import and export company that can generate a positive stream of revenue is a complicated task that involves many processes and relationships. If your company would like to focus more exclusively on your product and less on the process and legalities surrounding the import export business, then let Sun Fast International become your trusted import export service provider. We have the knowledge and connections that will allow you to focus exclusively on your product, leaving the export import logistics management to us.

Intelligent Supply Chain Management

In addition to being a trusted import export service provider, Sun Fast International also provides the proven capabilities to meet our customer’s offshore supply chain management needs. We have the international offshore connections to meet your demands, while reducing contract and manufacturing costs. All of this is done while providing you with complete transparency of operations and the inventory management outsourcing process. We provide a way to acquire continuous synchronization between product demand and order fulfillment, utilizing the best logistical cutting-edge technologies.

Offshore Supply Chain Management Processes

Proper supply chain management outsourcing involves collaborative work between buyers and suppliers, joint product development, common systems, and shared information. At Sun Fast International we can control this continuous information flow, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business. The following bulleted list contains an example of the aspects of inventory management outsourcing and the processes that are involved in creating a fully customized approach for your business.

  • Manufacturing-flow management

  • Supplier-relationship management

  • Product development and commercialization

  • Returns management

  • Customer-relationship management

  • Customer-service management

  • Demand-management style

  • Order fulfillment

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